Creativity, Designing, and making the world a tad better visually. 

Hello everyone and welcome to the portfolio site of Andrew (me)! I'm constantly looking for new opportunities to take my creativity, art, design, and learning to new levels.

I find summorizing my work is hard to express at times due to the  vast array of experiences. A good start: I was a graduate of UNC Charlotte with a BFA concentrated in Graphic Design. I was never idle and found myself all over campus in many different areas. IT, Computer Science, Architecture, Photography, Fine Arts, and the campus of the American Sign Language lab of CPCC. I've built computers, repaired networks, assembled classroom smart stations, programmed for computer games, photographed, filmed, edited, and brought so many documents and presentations to life on many fronts; digital, web, print, classrooms, labs, and even to assembly lines.

I wish I could easily say I were a 'Graphic Designer', 'Web Designer', 'IT Specialist', or more. However because my interests and talents are so vast, I've decided 'Creative Designer' fits more. 

Fashion, Architecture, Landscaping, Fine Art, Interior, Furniture, Industrial, Automotive; all of these areas might differ in tools yet I've found ways to tie them all with my creativity, art, and design. My eyes and experience are not simply limited to web and print as a designer. I find myself growing a little more each day. Each opportunity in design all around the world shows a new way to create and build.

So for now take a look at my past works and please drop me a message, tweet, or email on any of your thoughts. Cheers!