Creativity, Designing, and making the world a tad better visually. 

Hello everyone and welcome to the portfolio site of Andrew (me)! I'm constantly looking for new opportunities to take my creativity, art, design, and learning to new levels.

I'm currently looking for opportunities in UX Design that embodies a great emphasis on web or software interactions. My greatest hope is to once again be with an incredible team and have a great career. I have a vast array of skills and talents but my creativity is the sharpest of all.

Finance, Automotive, Video Gaming, Fashion, Architecture, Landscaping, Fine Art, Interior Design, Furniture; all of these areas might differ in tools yet I've found ways to tie them all with my creativity, art, and design. My eyes and experience are boundless in passion. 

Software is but a means to display my creative communications and processes and I am well trained in many to accomplish any companies standards. I deliver solutions with both high and low-fidelity renders; web-developed prototypes and proof-of-concepts; pixel-perfect mockups; user-centered workflow interactions; all with the goal of making the needs of the customer smoother and the value of the companies many relationships grow upward.