As a multi-discipline graphic designer I have spent a number of years in visually communicating many types of media. I have experiences in page design, print, web, illustration, photography, cinematography, and priding myself as an embracing new technologies in as many areas as I can. Though I love tech I take great honor in learning through each new area the steps and roots of each discipline. This is why I still embrace film and fine arts in addition to all the computational tools and methods of today.

My work spans many areas: academia, community theater, and even industrial manufacturing environments. I bring as many of my skills to each task in order to produce great final products and try to push my creative limits each. Though Graphic Design is where my formal education and training began I strive to learn more of other disciplines to bring more creative thinking and ideas to my work and projects.

My more current design was chiefly done at WIX Filters, so check out large variety here.

The tools of trades might change often but great creativity is a skill that never dulls. Graphic Design has been a terrific stepping stone into my many interests, talents, skills, hopes, dream, and career base.